Press releases

Experts of Fuel Registration new member of aireg 20.01.2017
State Secretary Barthle congratulates aireg-board on re-election 25.11.2016
Additional Research Institute joins aireg membership: Leibniz Institute for research of catalysis 21.11.2016
aireg welcomes ICAO´s climate deal 07.10.2016
EU strategy for climate protection without involving aviation? 22.07.2016
aireg celebrated its fifth anniversary 09.06.2016
Aireg takes another step towards DACH 18.05.2016
WIWeB becomes 30iest member of aireg e.V. 03.05.2016
INERATEC and Petrixo first new members in 2016 03.02.2016
First of its kind: Oslo airport introduces biojet fuel 29.01.2016
DVB Bank and aireg are developing financing options for alternative aviation fuels 01.10.2015
Global Bioenergies joins aireg to push jet-fuel application of its isobutene process 07.09.2015
Barthle: Energy transition in the transport sector requires alternative aviation fuels 16.07.2015
Biofuels are better than their reputation – Sustainability is verifiable 10.06.2015
EP recognizes benefits of biofuels 15.04.2015
EU study sheds light on new jet fuel components and their blending behavior 27.03.2015
Lufthansa Group receives Eco-Airline of the Year award (2) 26.02.2015
Lufthansa Group receives Eco-Airline of the Year award 26.02.2015
Preserving diversity – discrimination against certain biofuels unfounded 25.02.2015
Aireg goes twitter 23.02.2015
Fuels of the Future: aireg to showcase market-ready alternative aviation fuels technologies 20.01.2015
Lufthansa Group aircraft fly from Oslo on biokerosene 02.01.2015
German Federal Government misses chance for a more climatefriendly aviation 03.12.2014
aireg General Assembly elects Manfred Aigner as President for Science and Research 24.11.2014
Lufthansa confirms leadership position on alternative aviation fuels 15.09.2014
Joachim Buse receives LT Manager Of The Year Award 07.07.2014
Milestone for sustainable aviation: innovative fuel gains approval 16.06.2014
Study shows mallee based jet fuel has firm roots 21.05.2014
SkyNRG supplies KLM’s new series of transatlantic biofuel flights to Aruba and Bonaire 16.05.2014
aireg conference: aviation biofuel ready for take-off at ILA 14.05.2014
Alternative aviation fuels link growth and sustainability 12.05.2014
Sunlight to jet fuel: European collaboration SOLAR-JET for the first time demonstrates the entire production path of “solar” kerosene 28.04.2014
Lufthansa Group backs research into innovative biokerosene 24.04.2014
DLR and NASA sign agreement for testing of alternative fuels in joint research flights 11.04.2014
IATA and aireg establish work group on biojet financing 10.02.2014
Biofuel Congress to focus on alternative aviation fuels 20.01.2014
A tailwind for alternative aviation fuels: aireg and IATA to form Strategic Partnership 26.11.2013
Learning from the Dutch: Commitment to alternative aviation fuels required as part of coalition agreement 13.11.2013
aireg welcomes OMV as 35th member 11.09.2013
Aviation industry welcomes mobility and fuels strategy of the German Federal Government 12.06.2013
International conference investigates Russian feedstock options for alternative aviation fuels 20.02.2013
ILA 2012 - International experts ask policymakers to set course towards rapid market introduction of alternative aviation fuels 12.09.2012
Alternative aviation fuels - Federal Minister of Transport, Dr. Peter Ramsauer, signs intergovernmental agreement with the USA 11.09.2012
Alternative aviation fuels are being presented at the ILA Berlin Air Show 2012 10.09.2012
Linde and Shell support development of alternative aviation fuels 17.07.2012
EU Commission approves unbureaucratic offset of alternative aviation fuels for the ETS 29.06.2012
Alternative aviation fuels are the key to carbon-neutral air transport 19.04.2012
5 new members for aireg 04.04.2012
German Aviation shows strong biofuel commitment Presentation of aireg at ICAO SUSTAF conference 14.10.2011
Lukas Rohleder joins the aireg team 30.09.2011
Successful launch of aireg with 25 members 20.09.2011