aireg is committed to ensuring that the production of biofuels is subject to strict sustainability criteria along the entire value chain. Key requirements include both ecological criteria that prohibit the use of sensitive areas for biomass cultivation and economic criteria that require efficient production of alternative aviation fuel. Social aspects demand that the feedstocks used in the production of biofuels do not compete with food. The current co-existence of different sustainability systems worldwide needs to improve. The aviation setor needs globally harmonised sustainability criteria. 

The “food vs. fuel” debate

Biofuels must rise to the challenge caused by the fact that the cultivation of energy crops can stand in direct competition with the production of food. This is known as the food vs. fuel debate. aireg is passionately committed to ensuring that the production of biofuels is not in competition with food crops. 

Worldwide food production and supply must be protected. Under this condition, the emergence of a new branch of agriculture could serve as a catalyst for the further development of underdeveloped regions by promoting sustainable agricultural practices. This not only creates jobs, it also advances the development of local infrastructure including water supply, roads, schools, and can help to counteract rural exodus in these countries.